Vivian McDorman

Dr. Stolarski…..thought you would enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor. You replaced my right hip on May 21, 2014. I headed to Colorado on March 1, 2015. I skied for 6 straight weeks, and it was a painless, energetic and joyful experience…even got “back to black” on Peak 10 at Breckenridge. Had my family out there as well….everyone was blown away by my flexibility and agility.. I wore the neoprene hip support/stabilizing device I got from Andrea Weissleder, the Physical Therapist that worked to develop the device with Dr. Kennedy. I HIGHLY recommend you prescribe one of these for any of your active hip patients…it was fantastic. Provided support and prevented any fatigue in the hip or surrounding muscles. I was the “guinea pig”, and now I have ordered a new one for my very own. Well worth it, believe me.
Many thanks for all your time, skill and services in caring for me and my right hip. Your staff has been so kind to me, as well. Drexel EE’s rock! Hope to see you soon…..not as a patient but as a friend!

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